Our past and present projects in Christchurch and further afield

Tom & Jenny Williams - Architect: Trengrove & Blunt

This house was built in Christchurch and designed by a Canterbury architect. The novelty of this site was the very narrow section. The construction is concrete floor with timber framing and block render which has been plastered over, finished with a colour steel roof. The house is future proofed by putting in a lift which was very challenging to construct.

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 study, 3 WC’s, living room, dining, room, laundry, 1 lift and a 2 car garage.

MacLennan - Architect: Debbie rummer

This project was again in the Canterbury area, on the hill and designed by Christchurch landscape architects. This was a challenging hill site as the client previously did not have any flat outdoor living area. The designer came up with a great way of creating a flat area and enhancing the property value too. The construction is concrete block, colour concrete patios with the pergola built out of Macrocarpa timber supplied by Greenzone. The driveway was reformed with timber retaining walls and asphalt.

O'Neil's - Architect: Life Style Architecture

This house is built on the Canterbury Port Hills in Christchurch. The Christchurch designer was challenged with trying to keep costs down and this was achieved with its construction. The garage is the only structure with a concrete floor and walls on this property. The rest of the house was constructed with a timber floor and walls. The cladding is Linea weatherboard and 40mm ply under a plaster system and iron clad roof.

3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 ensuite, 1 toilet, 1 study, open plan living, kitchen and dining with another separate living room.

Mr. & Mrs. Calder - Architect: Exsto Design

This house was built in Wanaka using a Canterbury designer and Christchurch builders. The project was planned on a hill site and used existing trees to complement the stunning views. A ribraft concrete floor was installed using standard timber construction with Macrocarpa exposed trusses and posts. It was then clad with Oamaru Buff Block. Cedar garage doors finished off the look with a rosewood front door and colour steel roof.

4 bedrooms, 1 ensuite, 3 bathrooms, dining room, living room, kitchen, lounge, childrens' corner, laundry, study, double garage, store room, loft area and entry.

Michael & Lesley Johnson - Architect: Sir Warren Miles

This house was a Wanaka project built in 2001 and designed by a Christchurch architect. This was a great project for us; the first of many in Sun Rise Bay Estate. The slab construction involved a Ribraft floor with a timber T & G overlay in the kitchen and seating area. A standard timber construction was then used, followed by a plaster system for exterior cladding reusing 100 year old beams stored on a Canterbury farm. Monier concrete tiles on the roof completed the look and were in keeping the style of the house.

4 bedrooms, 1 ensuite, 2 WC’s, kitchen, dining room, living room, study, laundry, sitting room and a double garage.

Rolland & Nora Hastings - Architect: Sarah Ritchie

This house was a first time design in Wanaka and the first house our clients had built from start to finish. Being Christchurch builders we were up for the job. This house sat well on the hill and the owner, Rowland Hastings; an international landscape designer, had a distinct vision of what he wanted to achieve in this build. Again the property has a ribraft floor system, stepping up to timber floors on either side of the house. The open plan kitchen, dining, living and upper section area lent itself to the beautiful views of the mountains. The house is of standard timber construction, clad with a zinc iron cladding. The centre portion is clad in a plaster system.

Owners Rowland and Nora had great vision for their colours and textures throughout the build. One feature that dominates this project is the Oregon timber logs that start at the garage and go right through to the upper level.

This house stands in memory and as a testament to a man with a great ideas and insight as Rowland passed away a year or so after the build – R.I.P. Rowland Hastings, you were a great friend.

3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 2 ensuites, kitchen, dining room, living room, double garage, laundry and seating area.

Ben Gough - Architect: Sheppard & Rout

Lake views were the order of this project. David Sheppard, a Christchurch architect, provided a great brief and the Canterbury builders worked well with the material to construct this house. A coloured and textured Ribraft concrete floor system rolled was laid throughout the open plan kitchen, dining and living area. This was enhanced with T & G timber floor overlay. Standard timber construction with an exterior plaster system using recycled timber beams added class to the cedar shutters. The house is kept warm by a big jet maker fire and double glazing.

3 bedrooms, 1 ensuite, 1 bathroom, 1 loft area, 1 WC, kitchen, dining room, living room, double garage, outdoor entertaining area, laundry and storage.

Ian & Anne Little - Architect: Trengrove & Blunt

This was a house for a Christchurch family designed by a Christchurch architect. The house had to meet the demands of a large family and be able to give the adults space to themselves. It was constructed using a Ribraft floor system and contained under floor heating throughout the tiled hallway, bathrooms and ensuite. A standard timber construction was used for all the walls, mid floor and roof forming, while a block veneer plaster gave that homely look. A Eurotray roof was installed with Velux windows breaking the roofline. Timber double doors with cedar shutters surrounded the sunroom. The house also contained a large outside open fire for barbecuing and to keep the owners warm on those cold Christchurch nights.

6 bedrooms, 1 ensuite, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dining room, 3 WC’s, sunroom, 1 store area and a double garage.

Dan & Diane Pinckney - Architect: Sorted Architecture

While this house was designed by a Wanaka designer, the client wanted to use Christchurch builders to build their house. Sub-contractors from Canterbury were also brought down for this project. With the view of the lake never far away, the house was nestled just off the road and the project incorporated a B&B flat above the garage. To speed up the build we used timber on top of a Ribraft concrete flooring system. Curved walls and roof added a challenge, with timber framing held up the curved ceilings made out of Posis struts. The house is then clad with a plastered concrete veneer. All windows were doubled glazed to keep the house warm in the cold winter months, and were helped along with a big Yunga wood fire.

3 bedrooms, 1 ensuite, 1 bathroom, laundry, kitchen, dining room, living room, study, B&B flat and a double garage.

Robert & Janet Anderson - Architect: Chris Prebble

This property is seated on a nice flat site overlooking the mountains in Wanaka. It was designed by a Christchurch architect and built with good old Canterbury know-how. Having an exposed concrete floor throughout the house was a challenge for the Ribraft floor system. Standard construction was used for the timber walls, middle floor and roof frames. Finally local stone mixed with timber outrigger gave that homely look. The house is powered by a big Jetmaster open wood fire for heat and has under floor heating which gives the house a boost when needed. There is an art studio facing the road to tempt the passers by and a B&B flat above the garage for those who wish to experience the house itself.

4 bedrooms, ensuite, 2 bathrooms, 2 WC’s, study, kitchen, dining room, living room, sun room, studio, B&B flat and a garage.

G A McDonalds - Architect: Sheppard & Rout

This project is nestled in the side of the hills in Queenstown and was designed by a Christchurch architect. The project was a bit of a challenge with it taking over two months to excavate the site due to the Queenstown shiest. These six units were constructed as one building on a single concrete slab but joined on different levels.

Emerging from the concrete and site works the main construction was timber framing with the exterior clad a combination of zinc long run, shadow clad and timber batten. Garaging was placed under all units and the interior was finished off with a modern style of furnishing.

6 units – 2 & 3 bedroom, open plan kitchen, living room and dining room and laundry

Michael & Lesley Johnson - Architect: Sir Warren Miles

These two units were built on a site in Sun Rise Bay, Wanaka. The Canterbury architect had good vision capturing the all day sun and views overlooking the lake. The floor base was constructed with another Ribraft floor system to installate the floor space, while the rest of the units were built with a standard timber frame construction and a concrete block dividing wall. A 40mm EPS Rockcote system was installed for cladding and some old recycled timber was used to produce an exterior pergola. Double glazing on windows throughout the units work to retain maximum heat and a fire place with a gas fire was also installed to fight the Southern chill. GIB board lines the interior of the units and is painted in a modern style of colours.

2 units – 3 bedrooms, 1 ensuite, bathroom, open plan living room, dining room and kitchen, laundry, drying room and double garage.

Bob & Christine Foster - Architect: Replica Design
Winning Master Builders "House of the Year 2001" - Cat 4 - $300-450

This house is built in Christchurch on the outskirts of town. Although the floor is a Ribraft system, owners Bob and Christine were thinking out of the square for this house and decided to construct it out of polystyrene block filled with concrete. The timber mid-floor access has a solid timber staircase in keeping with the character of the build. Exposed outriggers hold up the copper spouting. Timber windows encompass the full style of the open plan kitchen and dining room. A Rockcoter system completed the outside rendering and keeps moisture from penetrating the interior. The high level of wall finishing captures the real character of this project and the finished joinery retains the high level of finish and style.

4 bedrooms, 1 ensuite, 2 bathrooms, 2 WC’s, open plan kitchen, dining room and lounge, formal dining room, study and double garage.

Jason Gun & Gina Morrell - Architect: Wynyard and McLeod

Grand scale and grand design was the order for this Christchurch house. The Christchurch architects had a vision of size to fit with the surrounding property. A seven level ribraft floor system using a very new construction was utilised. The Cornerstone product here is a 200mm thick wall of polystyrene with a concrete column poured every metre. Mid-floor was constructed from high span joists to blend in with the country style timber windows with double glazing throughout. The exterior Rockcote cladding plaster system was accentuated with panels of Canadian stone, while exposed outriggers with oversized fascia boards complete the look. The building is topped off with an Ongerton roofing system with timber vents.

The inside of this house was well styled to the client’s specific request including vaulted ceilings with 4m columns throughout the entry atrium. 1.2m high panelling was also installed through the main living room and lounge. Additionally the bedrooms and ensuite were well sized to the style and size of the house.

4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge, dining room, open plan kitchen, 2 ensuites, study, library, atrium, rumpus room and laundry.

Mr & Mrs Payne - Architect: Owner Design

This two storey block villa uses Buff block from Oamaru and is built on a large area of land. This masonry villa is contracted on a ribraft floor using the Buff block to keep costs down and make the house sit naturally on the landscape. The house has aluminium double glazed windows throughout with timber cedar French doors. To keep to the villa style, the roof is clad with concrete tiles and the exterior blocks are sealed to waterproof the house. The interior walls are GIB board with 20mm polystyrene being glued to the board. The whole house is tiled. The exterior look is finished with a NZ Oregon timber pergola and cedar clad garage door.

2 bedrooms, ensuite, bathroom, kitchen, lounge, laundry and double garage.

Mr & Mrs Lloyd - Architect: Owner Design

This beachside home is set in Christchurch with an American style. A ribraft floor holds it in the sand. The house is of standard timber construction with a timber mid floor. A two storey timber staircase shows the path from the entry door. The house is clad with timber weatherboards and the double glazed windows and surroundings are timber to keep with the style. An exterior veranda provides shelter from the New Brighton sun and helps protect the furnishings. A formal dining room has been ceiling clad with 200 x 20 timber planks, with the open plan kitchen and living areas giving the house that homely feel.

Mr. & Mrs Sharp - Architect: Architecture D M Limited

This was one of our first small projects in the heart of Christchurch and was a great challenge. Before we started the property had a small kitchen with a separate laundry, our brief was to open up all the rooms to create one open plan room which also incorporated the laundry. Additionally we also created an inside outside flow with a set of bi-folding windows and the kitchen was designed to enhance the style of the house.

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