Services provided in Christchurch

Our range of services include...

Building new homes in Christchurch

  • We build a wide range and style of homes for the discerning client. From masonry homes with tiled roofs to your standard timber frame house with brick or plaster exterior cladding, we do it all.
  • We work close with your, or our, associate architects and designers to achieve the same goal; a well constructed home for a fair price and on time.

Planning & Project Management

  • In conjunction with architects and designers we can draw up plans to help you achieve the result you require. From planning a small alteration to your house to building a factory or bach in the middle of nowhere we help you from start to finish and can incorporate all of your style and budget requirements.
  • Our project management skills are second to none. We have professionals working to achieve what is best for you; the client, and for the project as a whole. We make sure that all parties have full involvement to suit their level of experience.
  • Our high level of project management skills means that we can provide a high level of service from the smallest to the biggest project or projects.

Extensions, renovations and alterations

  • We regard any extension or renovation as important as building a new home; therefore we view your plan with the same respect as a million dollar home. As the client you have a dream for this home and it is our job to ensure that your wish comes true.
  • Extensions or renovations are drawn up by an architect or designer. With the professionals that we have at our disposal we can future proof your home and make your dream changes a reality.

Kitchen & Bathrooms

  • Kitchens and bathrooms are makeovers that don’t always need an architect or designer to be involved. With our help you, the client, have a wide range of choice in the market place. We can help you carry out your desired changes with our range of highly skilled professionals.
  • A makeover can be from the smallest job, such as changing the shower to a bath, through to a bigger project like replacing the whole bathroom. Most little projects do not need CCC approval but if they do we can assist you with the help of architects or designers.
  • Kitchen & Bathrooms are personal for all individuals. We can help you to make the right choice that achieves your dream.

Landscaping, Decking, Fences, Retaining walls, Roofs and driveways

  • We like to work with the client when we are constructing their new home to achieve all aspects of their dream. Landscaping, decking, retaining walls, and driveways are some items that people need to complete this dream but sometimes tend to forget.
  • We have completed a wide range of projects that turn an average looking back yard into an entertainer’s wonderland.
  • With the professionals that we have in our team, we can help you with the design, price, project management, and construction of your project, be it big or small.

We look forward to working with you in the future on your new project

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